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  报告时间:2020.8.19 下午14:30-17:00


  会议时间:2020/08/19 14:30-18:00


  会议 ID:897 912 767


  报告题目:Some problems on quasilinear Schrodinger equations with vanishing potentials

  报告摘要:Problems on Schrodinger equations with vanishing potentials have been widely studied. In this talk, I will introduce some results we abtained recently on this kind of problems. We consider a class of quasilinear Schodinger equations with parameter and show that the positive solutions to the equations possess a unique local maximum and decays exponentially.


  报告题目:Pointwise convergence problem of KP equation with rough data and random data

  报告摘要:In this paper, we consider the pointwise convergence problem of free KP equation with rough data. Firstly, we show the almost everywhere pointwise convergence of free KP equation for data in H^{s}(\R^{2}) with s>=1/2. Then, we show that the maximal function estimate can fail if s<3/8}. Finally, we established probabilistic pointwise convergence of KP with random data in L^{2}(\R^{2}). The main difficulty is that \xi_{1}=0 is the singular point of the phase function \xi_{1}^{3}\pm \frac{\xi_{2}^{2}}{\xi_{1}} of free KP equation.